Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New in Maia and Electra: Digging in the Digital Age

I have just added Cale Staley's blog Digging in the Digital Age to the Maia and Electra Atlantides feed aggregators:

title = Digging in the Digital Age
url =
creators = Cale Staley
description = Analyzing the ancient world and its texts through technology
feed url =

Monday, February 16, 2015

New in Maia Atlantis: Taxidea taxus by Martin Reznick

I have just added the following blog to the Maia Atlantis feed aggregator:

title = Taxidea taxus
url =
creators = Martin Reznick
description = And now there are badgers here again.
feed =

Friday, February 13, 2015

Removed from Maia Atlantis: Res gerendae

At the request of one of its authors, I have removed the subscription to the Res gerendae blog from the Maia Atlantis feed aggregator. Users of Maia who are interested in content from Res gerendae will now have to follow the blog directly, as its content will no longer be syndicated in the aggregator.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Updated in Planet Atlantides: From Stone to Screen

I have updated in the Maia and Electra feed aggregators the URL and feed URL for the website of the From Stone to Screen project at the University of British Columbia:

title = From Stone to Screen
url =
creators = University of British Columbia
description = There are over 1,000 artifacts and squeezes  of inscriptions in the collection of the  Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies of The University of British Columbia. Until now, the collection was only available on site in Vancouver. We are excited to announce the beginning of our effort to make these objects available for study to scholars and students around the world.
feed =

New in EpiDig: From Stone to Screen

The epigraphic squeeze and artifact digitization project at the University of British Columbia has a new website, and a record for it has been added to the Digital Epigraphy Zotero Library.

Friday, October 24, 2014

New in EpiDig

Records for the following digital resources for the discovery, publication, study, and teaching of epigraphy have been added to the EpiDig library at

Bérard, François, Denis Feissel, Nicolas Laubry, Pierre Petitmengin, Denis Rousset, and Michel Sève. Guide de l’Epigraphiste.
Epigraphica Anatolica.” Institut Für Altertumskunde, Universität Zu Köln.
Fossati, Dario. Hittite Epigraphic Findings in the Ancient Near East.
Maspero, Gaston. Cahiers de notes épigraphiques de Gaston Maspero ; copies d’inscriptions hiéroglyphiques, de papyrus égyptiens et coptes ; dessins, croquis, etc. de monuments d’Akmîm, Louqsor, etc. (1881-1884)1801.
Revue Raydân. Centre Français d’Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales de Sanaa.
Roman Inscriptions of Britain.
Studi Epigrafici E Linguistici Sul Vicino Oriente Antico.
Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis: SEBarc.
Van Nijf, Onno. Saxa Loquuntur.

Monday, October 6, 2014

New in Planet Atlantides: Stone to Screen

I have just added the following blog to the Electra and Maia feed aggregators:

title = From Stone to Screen
url =
description = A collaborative project to create a digital database of the archaeological teaching collections at the University of British Columbia.
feed url =