Friday, December 12, 2008

New ISAW faculty: Beate Pongratz-Leisten

ISAW has just named its third full-time faculty member: Beate Pongratz-Leisten as Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies (from September, 2009). You can read more about Prof. Pongratz-Leisten's academic achievements and research interests on the ISAW Faculty page.

The Institute has also just added new pages listing our:

End of an era

After four years of business success, the place I've dubbed my "coffice" is closing, so its owner and founder, Pete Abashian, can pursue other interests.

So the question for other regulars at Aromas is: who all is going to show up on the last day, Saturday, 20 December, to say goodbye and good luck to staff and friends?

And, gentle readers, if you've ever dreamed of owning and running a great coffee shop / cafe, this one is for sale.

Digital resources on the edge

At ISAW we're thinking about ways we can assist the scholarly community in identifying, rescuing and preserving (we've been calling it "backstopping") digital scholarly resources of value. As we continue to think about it, and start a dialog with colleagues, we should consider the Early Christian/Jewish Writings rescue effort (going on right now) as an important case study.

And here's a question for the folks involved in that effort: is there some way we could help?