Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing with PELAGIOS: Open Context and Labels

Latest in the Playing with PELAGIOS series.

I've just modified the tooling and re-run the Pleiades-oriented-view-of-the-GAWD report to include the RDF triples just published by Open Context and to exploit, when available, rdfs:label on the annotation target in order to produce more human-readable links in the HTML output. This required the addition of an OPTIONAL clause to the SPARQL query, as well as modifications to the results-processing XSLT. The new versions are indicated/linked on the report page.

You can see the results of these changes, for example, in the Antiochia/Theoupolis page.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experiment in this pelagiosplay serie. Very useful for me since I'm also a "triplestore and Sparql noob". Your explanations are clear and I managed to do almost everything. However I encountered some difficulties :

- unless I went wrong, you do not mention in your blog posts the loading of pleiades places in 4store (turtle file). So I downloaded and imported them from ""

- the final Sparql query given in your Pleiadic Entry-Point do not run for me "as is" : it outputs an xml file with no results. I think the statement "?pleiadesgeoid foaf:primaryTopicOf ?pleiadespageid" is my problem because when I remove it, the query retrieves something. Actually the behavior of the query is quite odd : same problem as "foaf:primaryTopicOf" with "skos:altLabel" predicate (the query runs but no results), but it works fine with "rdfs:seeAlso". Same problem with "?pleiadesgeoid rdfs:comment ?comment"...
Do you have an idea of the reason why the query retrieves something with some predicates and nothing with others ?

Finally could you give some details about how you managed to implement "sparq2html.xsl" to the xml results file ?

Thank you!