Friday, September 30, 2011

A Better Location for Forum Gallorum?

René Voorburg has raised concerns over the Pleiades location for Forum Gallorum (, given relevant evidence from the Antonine Itineraries. You can see his comment, and my initial response, at

I'd be grateful if some interested party, who has local access to TIR Caesaraugusta*, can check pages 117-118 to see on what grounds it locates Forum Gallorum at Cerro de San Mitiel (Ayerbe) and whether it addresses the anomalous distance measures René noticed. Neither René nor I have immediate access to the volume.

Please provide your response by appending a comment to the above discussion thread. All you need to submit comments to Pleiades is an OpenID. Many thanks!

* TIR Caesaraugusta = Tabula Imperii Romani K-30, Madrid: Caesaraugusta, Clunia (Madrid: 1993).

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