Thursday, September 4, 2008

BAtlas IDs: first full release (all maps)

Grab the whole thing here:

Let me know what problems you find.

README file for Barrington Atlas Identifiers, version published 2008-09-04
This is the first complete release.
Reference URL:

New maps covered in this release: 100, 101, 102
List of all maps presently covered: 1-102 (complete)

Major classes of change from prior versions are listed below. Consult individual files named like map22-diff.txt for output files differencing from prior version to this version.
  • No changes to previously released IDs.


John Muccigrosso said...

Playing around with this...or trying to...and I find that URIs like

now generate 404's.

Tom Elliott said...


Thanks for your comment. Yes, for the moment there's no landing pages for these, but it's a known to-do. In fact, you've just spurred me to formalize that to-do as a Pleiades ticket.

But even in its current state the IDs can be stored with data you might have in confidence that we will stand up a service that will get you from those IDs to the corresponding Pleiades content.

Tom Elliott said...

We've now also provided a more helpful 404 Not Found page. E.g., try:

John Muccigrosso said...

Thanks. That is a better 404. :-)

While I'm at it and in case I'm just missing something, the search engine on Pleiades seems not to come up with hits for things that appear in the latest BAtlas files that I just downloaded. For example, "Todi" or "Tuder" (the same place). Neither shows up, but both are in (the same entry) in map42.xml:


Tom Elliott said...


Current coverage in Pleiades is limited to BAtlas maps 65 and 38 (point features only). We've got 6 more maps in the pipeline, and are working a plan and putting resources in place to accelerate data fold-in over next 18 months or so.

We had a data/coverage status page, but it got munched in a recent upgrade. It's on the list to fix too, and we'll link to that from the 404 page once it's back in place.