Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Planets: Concordia and Pleiades

Neither Pleiades nor Concordia has its own news blog; and I hope you'll forgive the fact that the team members were reluctant to create same, since some of us already blog in multiple places. The solution? Aggregate and filter our regular blog posts into project-specific streams. So today I have added to the Atlantides system the following:
  • Concordia: News and Views (html | rss)
  • Pleiades: News and Views (html | rss)
Hat-tip to the filter in Sam Ruby's Venus.


Gabriel Bodard said...

Hey Tom,

Note that there's also an EpiDoc category on the CEp blog, and we could easily (and probably should) also have one at the Stoa. Worth aggregating those in the same way as Concordia and Pleiades (since EpiDoc doesn't have it's own blog either)?

Tom Elliott said...

Good idea. See now: EpiDoc News and Views (html | rss)