Friday, November 16, 2007

Open Knowledge Foundation Notes Pleiades

Yesterday, Sean pointed out that the Open Knowledge Foundation has been stalking Pleiades (in the best possible way). Most recently (on Monday), Rufus Pollock had nice things to say about how we're releasing our data. Thanks! It's as useful to get praise for specific aspects of our approach as it is to get criticism; it helps us keep tabs on what not to change.

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Rufus Pollock said...

We were only too delighted to highlight your excellent work -- as we said in the blog post it's a real exemplar of the way to do an open knowledge/data project.

I should also mention that we've developed some "open data" (and "open content") web buttons that we encourage producers of open material to add to their site in order to indicate that their material is open:

(I should note here quickly that these are a complement not a substitute for adding a specific license).